Hot Box Vapors has the best options for anyone looking to buy a vaporizeronline. We offer a broad range of styles you would be proud to show off. We are one of the few companies that offer a 5-year warranty on our products; and our products are made in the USA. Our products offer an easy-to-use and stylish option for anyone interested in aromatherapy products.

If you have been looking for a vaporizer for sale, you won’t have to look any further. Here at Hot Box Vapors you will find dozens of different styles of Hot Boxes, from our Moonlight design or our Black Flame style to our popular Silverback gorilla.Are you looking to buy vaporizer accessories? We also offer a full range of accessories such as:

  • the G-pen
  • aromatherapy oil attachments
  • screens
  • mouth pieces
  • storage options
  • wands
  • smelly proof bags
  • and more!

Shop our custom, artist series, portables, or create your own unique vaporizer. Browse our selection of one-of-a-kind, stone, basic and artist Hot Boxes. Available in a huge variety of colors, styles, themes, logos and options, our vaporizers offer a unique expressive way to enjoy herbal vaporizing as well as aromatherapy.

Why Buy from Hot Box?

The Hot Box was designed to be simple and safe to use and is designed for effective, healthier herbal vaporizing. There are no digital readouts and no fans to complicate things. Our stone and tile construction is patented and there is no need to constantly purchase plastic bags or other parts. Our vaporizers are quick to set up and always made with high quality standards at the center of production.

Not only do we offer a remarkable five-year warranty, guaranteeing that your Hot Box is free from defects in materials and workmanship, we also offer free shipping for orders over $100. Take a look at our collection of independent video reviews of some of our customers who love Hot Box Vapors and the products we offer.

You won’t regret shopping with Hot Box Vapors. We’ve been going strong for ten years now and continue to develop and make available new custom vaporizers, great accessories and excellent storage solutions. Check back often and take a look at our special offers on everything from shipping to accessories to vaporizers!

Have questions about any of our Hot Boxes? Need more information about our accessories? Need some help with an order? Contact us! We’re here to make sure every aspect of your experience before, during and after each vaporizer sale is nothing but the best.



Hot box vaporizers (for full line up see store page)
  • Nic Indian
    Hot Box Vapors
  • Rubix
    Hot Box Vapors
  • Moonlight
    Hot Box Vapors
  • Black Flame
    Hot Box Vapors
  • Red Ceramic
    Hot Box Vapors
  • Black Gold
    Hot Box Vapors
  • Green Cross
    Hot Box Vapors
  • Silverback
    Hot Box Vapors
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